Tuesday, February 7, 2012

These Photos are Junker

This was a fun one...a faux fashion/product shoot with some friends who have interesting clothing.  A majority of the items are from Junker Designs, who in my opinion, needs some better imagery for their wares than what they already have (basically, they don't do their products justice!)...but, then again, they're outfitting people like Steven Tyler and Xtina, so who am I to critique!?

As you may have seen already, I'm going to school for photography.  One of the things that constantly gets drummed into our heads is to find our own voice, our own signature style through the lens.  I'll be the first to admit that I am not breaking any new ground with these shots...in fact, I'm treading dangerously on very cliched post-processing and lighting technique waters here.  But, I wanted to at least give this technique a go and hopefully make some progress from it.

While the lights were moved around and adjusted in power, they pretty much stayed in the same general position during the whole shoot - one on-axis reflecting umbrella for front fill, two kickers on either side of the subject, and one against the back brick wall.  My camera settings did not change: 5D, 50mm (nifty fifty), 8.0, 1/160.  I included a before and after post-processing example to show the extreme difference maxing some sliders in ACR can make...for the most part, Clarity plays the biggest part in the "look."

So that's all, just wanted to put something out there since I haven't updated the blog in awhile - school started again, so while that is taking up my time, I should be making some great, fresh work this spring, so stay tuned!

Oh, and everything is copyright Photography by Michael Grados...I may be a photography student, but I've got the funds to track you down and sue if you use without permission and compensation.  You've been warned!


  1. You should showcase Lost Sheep Clothing now!

  2. I google "Lost Sheep Clothing" and end up at a myspace page with Mike in it...